Thursday, 30 April 2009

Black Tuesday

The third draft of the script came back and it was clear from the feedback that changes needed to be made. Rather than send another script we opted to tell the story visually through a story reel. On Tuesday the 14th April our producers came round to discuss the story and dicuss it is what we did....for FIVE hours straight!

By the time we were finished the entire story had been juggled around. It was a lot to get our heads around and what's more it had to be storyboarded again in two problem. So two days and three-hundred and ten storyboard panels later we had something to work with.

We scanned the images and put them into editing software before spending three long nights at our producer Peter's house with a wonderful and incredibly understanding editor! It was all worth it however as we are all really chuffed with the results. Many thanks to everyone who gave their time and their talents helping us. It gives us a lot of confidence and energy seeing how much you are willing to give to this film. Right now it's a pretty nerve racking time as we wait to hear back how the new story reel was receieved!

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