Friday, 1 May 2009

Building Henry

Here are some shots of Henry being made. Jess has done as phenomenal job sculpting and casting him. It's a blast to see the characters we've been working on for so long coming into the 3rd dimension! It's also been plenty of fun experimenting with different methods of constructing the body so far. Looks like we're going with expandable foam and liquid latex, stay tuned for some shots of that.

Next the body was sculpted. Jess decided to give him a slightly larger package than I had put in the designs.....she's a pervert.

In case you're wondering he doesn't have any arms it's because he's built to have replaceable arms rather than the usual replaceable hands. This is so Henry can have his sleeves rolled up without the joint being visible. Jess told me it couldn't be done, it's impossible she said, but I'm a visionary.


  1. Nice bit of product placement with Toshiba on the first photo

  2. You have blood on your hands, Jess!
    Well done, keep up your good work, wee lassie!! x