Friday, 1 May 2009

Building the Set

Our film is set in an Observatory...oh dear I think I accidentally told Barry Purves it was set in an Orrery...what an idiot. Both Si and I didn't really think about the problems a circular set might cause. I'm sure Si realised as his degree film was set in a lighthouse...he just chose not to tell me until it was too late. The construction on the walls caused great concern amongst our fathers who scratch their heads and rubbed there chins whilst Si and I argued over how might be the best way of building firm circular walls. Me being the only one who has built a stop motion set before, stamped my feet and shook my fist at Si's plans on how we might go about erecting the walls. I ended up throwing in the towel and leaving Mr 2D to figure it out. He rose to the challenge beautifully and erected 6 perfectly circular walls. They all came together and stood strong and tall and as I looked at them it was immediately clear to me Si's determination and male ego payed off . I didn't want to admit it to him at the time but he did an incredible job and it reminded me what an awesome partner I have...and he lost 4 pounds in the process. It was pretty strenuous work and he got it all done in a couple of days!

The set is so big it makes me look like a hamster in a wheel!

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