Sunday, 10 May 2009

God Bless the TEAM!

Si, myself and the producers David and Peter have had a difficult week.

We all worked incredibly hard to get the animatic sent off and we were all feeling pretty positive about what we had put together. Sadly, we found that we had still not nailed the story after receiving some mixed feedback. Both Si and my self were gutted and our spirits were as low as could be. We were very concerned about how we might solve the issues in our story without changing the story completely. One thing that Si and I were determined to do was make sure that the story we ended up telling is still the same story we pitched at the beginning. We were starting to feel that this was no longer the story we wanted to tell. Its hard to fix something that you don't think it is broken. Clearly though our story was broken in some respects and we had to come up with something.

Then, like a glowing light in the darkness came our producers David and Peter. These guys just don't panic and they take everything in their stride. Peter being away on holiday in Philadelphia worked from over there and conversed with David whilst David worked with us. Their support really picked Si and I up out of this negative spiral we had started to sink into and helped us focus again. David arranged a meeting almost everyday last week and was keen to keep the positive energy flowing. We bashed our heads together and finally came up with something.

Si and I have honestly been through every which way to tell this story. We found it the most difficult and exhausting process. We were thinking to fix the problem we might have to take out one of the key characters (the father) We did not really mind losing him at this point as he was causing so much confusion. However, after discussing this with David we realised the importance of keeping him in. We didn't want to lose the heart and both Si and I never really looked at the father as being the heart of our story. So, upon realising this we were able to look at the story in a different way.
I think we have solved the problems but we will just have to see what the guys on top say...
This post is dedicated to all the hard work our Producers have put in! David thank you for all your help and for your time and hard work. Peter thank you for taking time out of your holiday to help get us back on track. You guys are the BEST!!

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