Friday, 1 May 2009

Preparing the Studio

We are SO lucky to have parents who are so keen to help Si and I in everyway and are supporting us to know end. Si’s parents have taken me on as a new addition to the family and have allowed us to use their potting shed as our workshop and studio. First job was to clear out the exercise equipment. I enjoyed standing eating my special K bar whilst watching strong men move heavy equipment. Thanks to Si’s older brother Ed who helped clear out his gym stuff and who made no fuss about us taking over his exercise shed. After all the shifting of gear etc Ed even offered to help Hoover the dead and alive spiders from the walls ceiling and floor for us.

Si and his Dad then spent the weekend painting the entire room black from walls to ceiling. It now looks like a real animation studio and we can't wait totest it out and see what the set will look like under some moody lights etc!

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