Monday, 18 May 2009

Storyboarding? More like waterboarding!

As Jess said previously, I've been storyboarding for the last week and a bit. Once we had rewritten the story it needed to be put into pictures and then pitched to the producers. This is my job. So while Jess is off doing all the glamorous stuff I get to sit at a desk and draw.....and draw and draw. It says a lot when the highlight of my week was discovering that you can buy water soluable graphite pencils now.

The Post-it notes show where I need to change or add more images. This was just the rough board, for the story reel it will require around 1 image for every second, so thats about 300 images for a 5 minute film.

This film will play with lighting a lot, so I thought it important to work into the boards to show some of that even at this stage.

Here's Jess mocking my work.

I pitched it to Peter and David. Pitches should be roughly to the running time. The first time I pitched our idea to them it came out at around 25 minutes! This time it was about 5 so I'm getting faster even if I'm not getting better. Once I was done we went through it and broke it down. The guys were really pleased with some of the stuff in there but a lot needs tweaking, so thats what I'm doing all this week so we can edit it into a story reel as soon as possible.

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