Monday, 1 June 2009

Story reel number two

Another week has gone by and another story reel has been sent off. The storyboards took a lot longer than I had anticipated but thankfully there was enough time to get them finished before going to Jess's on Wednesday to capture them on David's rostrum (thanks David!) Thursday and Friday night were spent editing at Duchy Parade Films in Harrogate. We got straight down to it the first night and got all the frames numbered and timed out.

This new version came together a lot faster so on Friday we just had to add some new drawings I did during the day and put some sound to it.

Here's Dave Long deep in concentration, poor guy had 4 people barking orders at him none stop. Truly the patience of a saint!

Dave's speed on the controls is incredible, he's like a concert pianist on an editing keyboard.

Peter keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.....between coffee runs.

Two heads are better than one, or in this case probably equivalent to one!

Peter sent the DVD's off on Saturday morning so now we're just waiting to hear back about how it is received. So this week will be spent preparing everything else essential for the start of filming.


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