Monday, 6 July 2009

Fine summers BBQ

It's been an intense few weeks as we move into production, so yesterday we made the most of the great Summer weather for a barbecue at my house.

From left to right: The two long suffering partners - Jess' boyfriend Topher and Simon's girlfriend Cas; Simon, who's trying to describe the exceedingly good chargrilled taste of my stuffed tomatoes. Reaching for a drink to toast Simon's fine words is Kevin, who's been helping us out as a production assistant.

Even a barbecue can't stop Jess animating. Here she is with with her friend Donna (left), drawing a flipbook with one of my pads!
My friends Mark, Emma and Helen, with co-producer Peter Kershaw and his wife Mary on the right. Helen is saying, "All these famous people in the same garden. Do you think my pink t-shirt will help me stand out?!"

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