Wednesday, 18 November 2009

BAF award!

Well here's a shout out to some up and coming animation talent! My co-producer Peter told me I should let you all know that a film I supervised has won Best Film Produced by Young Animators at the Bradford Animation Festival 2009! Wooo! So this post is dedicated to the animation talent of the future! “Immersion, Emergence”, was made by year 8 pupils at Titus Salt School, Bradford and inspired by a trip to Bradford’s Civic art gallery, Cartwright Hall. Produced as part of the Anim8ed Stories educational outreach programme which I am currently delivering for the National Media Museum, supported by DCMS. The film is terrific example of young peoples filmmaking and the school have won a copy of ToonBoom Studio along with their award.

For more information, check out my blog!

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