Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Final Shot DONE!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO

Its 5:02am on Thursday morning and I have to be up at a fair hour as we are visiting our musical man Pete tomorrow. I can't get to sleep just yet as I am buzzing from finally finishing the last 3 shots.  My head is throbbing my neck has seized up and is struggling to hold the weight of my throbbing head and my back feels like its been trampled on by a heard of hippo...a heard? I don't care though as i have finally finished these last AWFULLY hard shots. I wish my partner was here to share my happiness but alas he is asleep in his bed as he has not been very well today. This will surely cheer him up. Both Si and I have been counting the days down until New Moon hits the cinema screen but sadly we have been WAY too busy to take a break to go and see maybe tomorrow we can treat our selves :) Team Jacob!


Tomorrow (erm I mean later today) I will slap up a few stills to tantalise your taste buds:) 

For now im off to get some sleep!

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