Wednesday, 30 December 2009


OK, so the last time I left a post it was some insane time in the morning and I thought we had FINALLY finished....well turns out we hadn't but now we pretty much have and I'd like to finally slap up a few images to remind you of what Si and my self have been doing in the lonely, COLD dark potting shed...which now smells like boiled eggs gone bad as we just recently found an old bucket of painty water that had been sitting in the sink for around 7 months and I happened to disrupt it whilst washing lube off my explanation will follow later don't worry!

So, here are some pics....enjoy!

Now you may notice an awesome blur effect on these shots...Si and I actually painted lube onto a bit glass which we mounted right in front of the camera lens. Hence why I was washing lube off my hands.  This gave these images a cool motion blur effect...hey and we got the lube for 75p because the box was torn...bargain!!! 

This part of the film was pretty awesome to animate although animating the orrery was incredibly tedious as the wires would tangle beneath the set and I would have to get underneath the set to untangle them mid shot.  It was a painful job but I must say my dad, brother and uncle did an awesome job getting this orrery working. We used Christmas baubles and the Orange coloured ones were made before I was even born!! We broke a few along the way but luckily my mom and dad kept finding them in boxes in the loft. I think we were down to the last one in the final orrery shots!!!

These are Teddy's final shots...

Its pretty funny to think that our Teddy only cost around £25 to make in comparison to the erm...£700 maybe more it cost to make Henry. Teddy is literally made out of twisted aluminium wire, balsa wood, glue a few watch parts and furry material. Henry has an expensive armature made at Mackinnon and Saunders and his body and heads are made from a special silicone called silastic rubber. He was then air brushed using pretty fancy silicone paints. MENTAL!!! I'm the idiot who said to Si, id rather keep Teddy than Henry. I think at the time all I could think of was all the painful hours I spent pocking every single hair into Henry's head and sculpting all 6 heads only to poke more hair and then carefully airbrush each head so they would match....I was sick of the sight of him but now I must say I regret saying he could have him. 

 I ended up making 2 Teddy's in the end and one giant teddy arm....oh yes and not to forget young Henry's fluffy little teddy in the chest. He held out amazingly and I am pretty proud of the little guy. 

Teddy was born from Simon's head and I have to say my partner is a genius for coming up with such an amazing and endearing character, at first  Ted was only  a small part of Henry's story but as time went on he became a key character in the Astronomers Sun and I loved making him as well as animating him. 

Both Si and I have been through hell and back to get this film to where it is now and we have been helped by some amazing people along the way. Our little team has made something quite awesome and I'd like to thank each and every one of them... Soon you will be able to see the fruits of our labour and I hope you all enjoy!!

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