Thursday, 15 April 2010

Awards Night!!!

Those of you who have followed the Astronomer's Sun will know that we were nominated in the public choice category of British Animation Awards and last Thursday was awards night!

So Jess drove us down with her good friend Donna in tow for moral support. We made it down in one piece despite the car losing power half way! After a quick change (2hr 30 mins for Jess) we headed off to the South Bank.

The public choice category was announced last so we were down to our last nerve by the time it came around. Unfortunately though it wasn't to be. The prize went to Smith & Foulkes for their CG comedy This Way Up (Nexus Productions). It's a very well told tale and the visuals are slick, so we didn't feel too bad to lose out to it. However, before they announced them as winners they gave a special mention to the Astronomer's Sun as the votes were so close!! There are a lot of films in the public choice so to be within the top 4 or so is a massive achievement for us to rank so highly.

After the ceremony came the after party and thats were things get hazy. So I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Here's me with Nick Park!!!

Here's Jess with Pick Nark!!! He was exceedingly lovely and very patient of our drunken ramblings!

The award given for Best European Feature went to The Secret of Kells. It was a drawing by one of the greatest living animators, Glen Keane! After the party we ran into its producer, Paul Young. I asked if I could have a look at the image up close and he was in no state to say no!

Here's Jess with an assortment of BAA survivors. The rest of the pictures are a little too messy to post I'm afraid!

The awards were great but the real fun came on our way back from London when the breaks lost most of their power on the motorway! Jess managed to get us into a service station and we waited two hours in the hot sun for help. After the breakdown guy wrapped some tape around a hole in a pipe we were back on our way. Seems all our problems can be fixed with tape!

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