Thursday, 18 November 2010

Winner YORKSHIRE SHORT FILM COMPETITION 2010 at 24th International Leeds Film Festival.

I was delighted to be able to accept this award on the behalf of Duchy Parade Films. With David, Jess and Simon all at the Bradford Animation Festival on the same day and Peter busy promoting the film State side, I was asked to represent the film at this festival. Screened at the Hyde Park Picture Palace in Leeds, we were up against some very well observed documentaries and thought provoking dramas.

In the end though "The Astronomers Sun" eclipsed the rest of the competition to be awarded the Best Yorkshire Short Film.

After been encouraged to give a very unrehearsed acceptance speech, I was able to talk to the judges about why the film had won. Their answer "they loved the story" in particular the ending and the relationship between the bear and Henry. I think it's credit to the whole production and post production team that throughout the project the importance of story and character development was never missing from the creative process. Producing stunning stop frame animation is one thing, but what makes the film really work is everyone on the team recognised the need to connect to the audience and used their own particular skill to ensure they did.

Thanks to everyone at the Leeds International Film Festival for their hospitality, it really was a Saturday to remember :)

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  1. I think the film was brilliant! What really made this film for me was not the special effects or editing but the fantastic story telling and the beautiful sets, props and characters. I was totally drawn in by the aethetics of the film and the mood. The animation was subtle yet unique and music was terrific. I feel that some of the effects were a little bit too much for the style of animation but still its a great film and I cant wait for the next one! Well done to the film makers!! I have been following your blog throughout and being an animation student my self it has proved VERY useful!

    Take care!

    Ben Cross