Sunday, 5 April 2009

A little bit about the film...

The Astronomer's Sun is a short film about love, devotion and loss. The story follows a young astronomer called Henry and his faithful assistant; a little clockwork Teddy bear.

Living in a burned out observatory in the middle of nowhere, Henry and the Teddy follow the progress of a comet as it blazes a trail through the night's sky. Henry and the comet are bound to one another across the distance of space and as the comet passes over the earth it begins a horrifying reaction within him; causing him to burn from the inside.

The film will be animated using traditional stop motion techniques to create the shadowy and grim world of the observatory. The style will be greatly influenced by Steampunk and Victoriana genre's of science fiction.

Below is some of the early concept art for the film which Jess and I worked up for our submission to the 4mations entry. Things have come a long way since then as you will soon see.....

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