Sunday, 5 April 2009

Our Producers

I wrote in the first post that we had lots of people helping us make this film. Nobody does more than these two guys! Our producers David Bunting (left) and Peter Kershaw (right) from Duchy Parade Films. They help keep us on track and take care of all the gruesome paperwork so we can focus on the fun stuff.

Here's me and Peter with an old Peruvian lady...

We'll be telling you more as time progresses but you can learn all about them by following the links in the top right of the page. Check them out now!

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  1. Hey guys.. good see things up and running, i am looking forward to seeing some of the artwork at some point, and the models once ready.... remember i am at the other end of a phone should you wanna pester me with any Qs.... or even need some AE work done... xox Jody