Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Mark and Anna and other things...

My last post was probably the cheesiest thing I have ever written. I think I was so happy that things were going right. So this post is going to be mainly pictures...Si, that Cat in a bucket is the best thing I have seen in dad would say "Hey Jessie, that would make a great animation" all the damn time, that man never stops trying to come with ideas for me...hehe.

Anyway back to the progress we have made.  
Anna measuring Marks wood...hehe

Anna is an incredible artist and a dab hand at the old airbrush. I got her along to help me out and although she doesn't think she did well she did. She let me know I was doing a good job and gave me a few pointers. She did as much as she could but the idea of airbrushing with chemicals and silicone is just a totally different process to airbrushing with acrylics. She was so scared of destroying what I had already done. I know that if she had taken the airbrush she would have done an amazing job but she encouraged me instead which turned out to be the best help she could have given me. She then turned her attention to the masses of wood that needed to be measured and cut. I could have kissed them both!!!

Sparks getting excited with the electric saw - We had to keep a close eye on him. 

Mark LOVES the camera, he's only pretending to saw, Anna actually did it all! No I'm kidding, it was a team effort and both Anna and Sparks helped out so much whilst I was messing about with an airbrush they did all the hard work - we are truly grateful. They worked into the night and in the dark. Bats and bugs were flying at them and miggies (im sorry I have no idea how you british people spell that word) were biting their heads. Marks hand was vibrating and shaking afterwards...I know what he's thinking to that comment.

Heres a hand.

The pocket watch - this is an important prop, you will have to wait for the film to see why. Its made out of a tiny watch and some sheet metal I bashed into shape suing two teaspoons. My dad felt the need to call up to my room to ask if i was in any kind of trouble.  I think he thought I had fallen over and couldn't get up again or something. My parent are having to get used to a lot of strange sounds, smells (chemicals for those of you who were wondering) parcels and phone calls. 

Two of Henry's heads after I learned how to use an airbrush. 
Me learning - if you ever wanna do this give you self more than a week! Im a little bit concerned with how its all gonna look under the lights. We shall have to wait and see.

The observatory roof. My dad did all the CAD drawings for it and got a shop fitter to make it. It looks pretty awesome. 

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