Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Jess NEVER wants to make another wig again!

This has been one of the hardest things I have had to do on this film. 

Henry's hair.....

Luckily I had just found a new hairdresser called Jo who could cut me hair just the way I had it done in Edinburgh and she asked if I would be her hair model...OF COURSE I replied:) I told her all about the film and she was kind enough to give me some extension to use for Henry's hair. This stuff doesn't come cheap and it was 100% human hair so I was pretty grateful!! She also offered me her help and any hairdressing tools I might need. 

It started out well but then took a turn for the worst. 

Let me show you...

Here I am poking Henry's head with a home made rooting fork thingy. I just used a needle and chopped off half of the loop and glued it into something I found. 

Pushing single hairs into the front part of Henry's hair line was an insane task...i had to do this for all 6 heads.... :*( 

I was seriously contemplating giving Henry long hair and making him look like the guy from crash test dummies...alas I knew Si wouldn't like that at all!!

Here's where it all started going wrong...His back removable wig bit is a separate piece to the front as I wanted to save time. I tried to poke the hair in the way a humans hair would grow....this was a mistake!! It would have worked if I hadn't made his hair so was REALLY thick and extended off of his head like a crash helmet. I took a break and slept on it. 

Next day I look at Henry's hair and called my hair dresser to see if she could give me a few tips.
He was looking like Goku from Dragon Ball Z...this wasn't really what i was going for!

I did discover the night before if you dip the unruly hair into boiling hot water and then into ice cold water you can style it much more easily. it kind of shocks the hair into doing what you want it to do. Probably best you only do this with real hair. 

Here he is with his hair all wet and ready to be cut at the hair dressers.

Hehe, I was just messing about...but I could see something was very wrong... well obviously. 

Took them into the hairdresser, lots of people stared as I carried 6 heads on sticks in a box from my car to the Salon. Jo did not expect that they would be so small and she feared that what ever she did she might ruin them...this seems to be becoming a pattern. So, she gave me a razor, some more hair a few tips and sent me on my way, but not before telling me how much Henry's screaming head looked like her ex husband.

I pondered for a bit and then started again. I decided to make his hair really fine this time and then paint each layer I poked in with black silicone sealant. This worked better. I'm almost there, I think... who knows!



  1. hey jess, when i met you you said you were good, but you really are damn good aren't you! looks like the film we be a complete beauty