Thursday, 18 June 2009

Story reel mark 2 gets Green light!

Yippee! After months of hard work of story development, "The Astronomers Sun" has been given the green light and will be moving into production. It is only through the blood sweat and tears of story development that you can really feel the accomplishment of approval and it's been a real pleasure to work with Simon and Jess to help craft their story. A debt of gratitude must go to our editor Dave Long, who's brought pathos and rhythm and to the story reel whilst working to intense deadlines. There are of course small changes to be made, with the main emphasis on getting the running length down. Peter and I have been planning the next couple of week’s ramp up into production with Simon and Jess and had a sneak peek at the work in progress. There’s plenty to do – but that’s what we like!

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