Sunday, 9 August 2009

pics to blog about!

Meet Steve and Donald. Donald is our mentor as well as our old tutor from college. He is a genius and has many hidden talents. We got him down again for the weekend to help us figure out some lighting effects. He also brought a few bits and bobs which will come in handy later.

Steve (standing next to me) is our wonderful animator. I don't know what Si and I would do with out him. He is very modest and has no idea how good he is. He is always keen to improve and he has no problem with re shooting the most time consuming shots. He is an absolute joy to work with and by the time he leaves here his head will be so HUGE he'll need a trolley to wheel it to London... only cuz I can stop complimenting him on his talents...he is very modest though!

Me and Donald doing something....I have a feeling we were staring into a bright light...i recall anyway

Donald is playing with something only he knows the name moves in all kinds of ways and will hopefully give is some wicked camera pans...this thing is heavy and needs to stay in a box as its that old:)

Si is the darkeness playing with a vase
erm I mean lighting effects...

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  1. AHA! I knew Donald taking a "holiday" didn't quite ring true...