Thursday, 20 August 2009

A sneak peak!

We've been working flat out the past month or so and had too many ups and downs to get into. Hopefully though it's all worth it as we're making good progress and crossing off shots day after day!

Now that we have a good deal of footage we thought it apt to show some images to tantalise and tease.....

Here's Henry and Teddy Fixing a broken mirror

Henry at the telescope checking his old pocket watch

The Teddy spots something approaching overhead

Is it a bird......

Henry puts the Teddy into an old chest to protect him from what's about to happen....

Teddy's view of Henry from inside the chest.

More to come very soon. If you're good we might even put a clip up for you!


  1. looking good. please put up a wee clip. that'd be great!

  2. This look, quite simply, beautiful :-)