Friday, 11 September 2009

Some assorted photos

I just took all the photos from my phone and decided to put some up for you to see. They're not great quality but they'll do.

Here's the desk Ally made with dozens of handmade notes surrounding it.

Each little note was written out, then stained in coffee and then crumpled and torn. I tried doing scribbles but they didn't look right so ended up righting real notes. If you look closely there might be one to you......

What could this contraption possibly be? You'll have to watch the film and figure it out, but I was pretty pleased with it! A good morning's work right there and some cannibalised A level art.

This is the floor for the set. I was a bit of a mission getting it built but once I'd finished putting it together Jess and I painted this first layer of white and then put a dark wash over it. We had intended to do all sorts of floor tiles and paving etc but it we were running behind and nobody will no the difference unless we tell them.....ah shit....

On one of our many trips down to the hardware store to buy Gorilla tape and batteries, Jess spotted this handsome little critter.

A bad day....or night, you can't tell in the studio.

Things get worse.

Steve may now be gone, but his spirit lives on in the studio.

This blurry photo is to give you some idea of why this film is taking so long to make. This is a single set up. We have tiny reflectors on wires so we can see the eyes. Burning hot lights all around, bits of string holding poles out of shot and amongst all this you have to reach the character to animate. As a matter of fact Jess is animating this very shot RIGHT now, on her birthday! and it's not going well :(

Here's another terribly precarious set up. Oh yeah.....we're pretty professional....

I could really do with getting a proper camera one of these day. My birthday's coming up if anyone's interested.

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