Friday, 11 September 2009

Working with our composer

The music for our film is being written and performed by a good friend of ours, Peter Wright.

Here he is with the sunshine of my life. A Gretsch Syncromatic G400 with an added Kent Armstrong floating pickup for all you guitar fans out there.

I've known Pete for seven years. Right from the first time I met him he amazed me with his playing and he has continued to do so ever since. He plays in the band Vessels, check them out:

Pete has been such a joy to work with (so far). He never waits for me to call him and is incredibly focussed on getting the job done.

We had to get an updated animatic sent off sooner than expected so Pete cancelled all his lessons for the day and came round for a night and day and worked like a man posessed.

Here we with him working through the score.

Here's me showing Pete how to play guitar.......HA!

Pete and Jess going through the animatic

Pete's mini portable keyboard.

Pete playing along with the animatic. No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, that guitar really does have a scalloped fretboard. My brother bought it from Durham market, which funnily enough is where I found Pete.

Pete'll be back next week to progress the score but you can catch up with Pete and his adventures at

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